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Benefit show

with Phil's Family Lizard, The Humanity and URB!

Welcome to the phoenix

Located in the heart of downtown Fort Wayne, the Phoenix is the perfect spot to host your event or catch great live music on our stage!


Music is such a huge part of who are and why we do what we do, and nothing speaks to us like original, local, music. With Phoenix Records our goal is to help local artists get their music out to the world.

There is nothing like the power of live music, so at the loft we work hard to capture that energy and emotion. With the ability to track live, no matter how big your band is, it is an experience unlike any other in the area. And did we mention, the space just totally kicks ass…

All throughout the Phoenix you will find pieces from local artists that we absolutely love. We also feature local artists in gallery shows several times each year, so be on the lookout!

be on the lookout for upcoming shows!!!!







1126 Broadway

Fort Wayne, IN 46802